Riccardo Maria
Game Programmer
About me

I am a C++, C# and Actionscript 3 programmer who has always had a passion for videogames; not just for playing them, but going further and studying the techniques and architectures that games are built on. Therefore, I have always experimented with algorithms, graphic functions, development techniques, designs and implementations. I am interested in how graphic effects or the algorithms used in classic and modern videogames are achieved. What really gratifies me is having an idea and then writing the code to realise it in the most elegant and efficient way. I am not afraid to employ new technologies and techniques because I am a fast learner able to work independently and in a team.

I studied IT in Italy and my favourite subjects have always been maths calculus and heavy computing algorithms. At university I studied C and C++ and used these languages in several projects, including my dissertation work which was developed in C++ and OpenGL. I graduated with full marks.

I am currently employed as Game Engine Programmer in Stainless Games. I am part of the Tools & Tech team, and I develop game engine components and tools for commercial games like Carmageddon: Reincarnation and Magic 2015 - Duels of the Plainswalker. In particular I developed the virtual texturing system of the engine, including the tools for the content pipeline.

In my previous job I was employed as Game Programmer in Arooga. I started with a Flash social game called “Club Paradise”, I followed the development from the very beginning and I saw all its life cycle. I worked on core features like isometric graphics, 3D graphics, characters' AI, user interfaces, audio system and virtual currency. I developed also a framework shared by other projects. My following project was a puzzle game in AS3 and PHP, I was the main programmer in a team of 2 developers, one artist and one game designer.

In every project I have been working together with other developers, artists, game designers and QA, and I have proved to be efficient both in team work and independently.

During my previous work experience I developed in C#, SQL Server 2005 and Asp .NET 2.0 under the .NET frameworks 2.0 and 3.5 . I managed all the data of the e-commerce website www.store.newholland.com, from the SQL design to the format of the products that were accessed through WCF by Asp pages, Flash applications and a WPF back office. I maintained and administrated the IIS on Windows 2003 Server where the website was hosted.

In my spare time I always programmed in C++, using libraries such as Direct3D, OpenGL and ClanLib. I have read books like "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10" (Luna-Wordware), "Mathematics for 3D game programming & Computer Graphics" (Lengyel-Charles River Media). I always tested and modified the sample code that comes with the books, always achieving a full understanding of it. My current personal project is a 2D beat'em up written in C++ that uses my own components system.